‘The Immortals of Meluha’ by Amish Tripathi is a story set in the ancient times but its essence is relevant with the modern times. This is a story about the Meluhan civilization(generally referred to as the Indus Valley Civilization) in 1900BC that is threatened by the Chandravanshis and the Nagas. The sacred Saraswati river is on the verge of extinction and the magical somras is reducing. Amongst a reign of terror and chaos comes along the hero, Lord Shiva. Here lord Shiva has been depicted not as a celestial being but as a mere mortal. Shiva gives in to his destiny while finding his love and leads the country against the evil-doers thereby liberating them from the enemies and emerging as a true warrior.

The story is about Shiva’s trials and tribulations. His struggles to come to terms with his own demons, the battle with his confusion and frustration seem real and close to what the living beings experience in their lives. The story has struck a chord with the readers as they face the same issues every day. The style of writing used by the author is conversational to gel with the masses and the novel has been a hit with the readers. Amish has also dealt with issues of terrorism, untouchables and immigration which captivates the readers’ interest. He has beautifully woven the story to make comparisons with the strong beliefs of individuals in the modern age.

The book contains sufficient doses of drama, romance and torment, and engages the reader from the start to the finish. Amish has written a sequel called ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ and comes across an equally exciting book set to enthrall the readers. The author Amish Tripathi is a marketing professional and has become a favorite amongst the readers for his creative and unorthodox style of writing.

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