Enterprise software, as the name suggests, refers to software used in organizations as opposed to software used by individuals. According to Martin Fowler, the great British author and international speaker on software development, “Enterprise applications are about the display, manipulation, and storage of large amounts of often complex data and the support or automation of business processes with that data.” Enterprise software solutions encompass tools such as  automated billing systems, customer relationship management, human resource management, online shopping and online payment processing, interactive product catalogue, security, enterprise content management, IT service management,  enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, project management, collaboration,  manufacturing, enterprise application integration, enterprise forms automation and so on.

The advent of new technologies in the enterprise software world has changed the way enterprises conduct businesses today. The introduction of cloud and mobility technologies into enterprise software has significantly increased productivity for businesses; from mobile apps that give a company’s employees access to real-time data, to cloud-based platforms that enable enterprises to quickly access new products without building the underlying infrastructure or deploying costly in-house solutions. Data processing systems have also increased in speed and complexity, from data warehouses that quickly pull information, to business intelligence solutions that interpret this data, to decision support systems that leverage the data to help organizations make competitive decisions.

Despite these advancements in the enterprise software world, most survey results point to the widespread dissatisfaction among IT professionals and business managers with the performance of enterprise software. Compared to consumer software, business managers and IT professionals consider enterprise software to be outmoded, less innovative, rigid, unreliable and hugely expensive. According to them, the enterprise software solutions lack the ability to support changes in the business such as new regulations, new reporting structures and mergers and acquisitions.

Hence, there is the need of companies adept in providing product R & D services to understand the enterprise needs and create solutions that accelerate the future of business. Enterprises, therefore, must collaborate with best of the breed companies that have helped in creating amazing products that make businesses run better. This includes SaaS-based CRM and ERP apps that provide remote access to infinitely scalable information, to social enterprise programs that enable a company’s employees to collaborate securely with each other. Here is a look at the expertise of a best of the breed product development company.

·         IT management & security

·         Business process management (BPM)

·         Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

·         Supply chain management (SCM)

·         Decision support systems (DSS)

·         Customer relationship management (CRM)

·         Collaboration software

·         Productivity software

Thus, by collaborating with solution providers having experience with cross-industry technologies can help enterprises in accelerating their future.

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