A few years ago sending gifts to India was a headache because there was no guarantee regarding the timeline when the gifts would be delivered. There was no guarantee also against the loss or damage of the gifts. Sending gifts to India was an expensive procedure which made many cringe with anxiety. However, ever since the internet has come into existence this task has become easy, quick and affordable with guarantees of safe and timely delivery of gifts. Thus now you can send online gifts to India without any issues.

The modern lifestyle is a busy one with hardly any time for indulgences. Thus you have to perform multitasks without losing time. As you are heavily engaged in your work schedule it becomes impossible to step out and search for gifts leisurely. So either you end up buying expensive or unworthy stuff. If shopping is a terrorizing thought then you should check out the online shopping stores.

The online shopping sites gives you the convenience browse and order for online stores gifts from any corner in the world. These sites are open 24x7. You will find gifts that are suited for each occasion such as chocolates, flowers, books, jewelry, electronics, gift hampers with assorted items, apparels, watches, handbags, shoes and any item. These sites have the best transportation networks that ensure that the gifts to India are delivered on time and in the original condition.

The time difference between countries does not apply to online shopping as there is no specific time that you have to follow to order the online gifts. You can check the online valentine gifts shop anytime and your order is taken promptly and efficiently. If you do not want to take risks you can even order for the gifts with the cash on delivery option. In this way you can ensure that you are being delivered the right item on time and in perfect condition.

The online shopping sites are professional ones and they believe in giving their customers what they want. Thus you can relax and order for your online gifts without any doubts. These sites also offer amazing discounts and you can grab a lucrative deal. Now you can easily send gifts to India without cutting costs or expecting a crisis. As more and more people are realizing the benefits of online shopping the customers’ network is expanding. Here at the online shopping stores you are guaranteed quality goods at competitive prices without going through any hassles or turmoil.

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  The proposed Direct Tax Code (DTC) eases fears of double taxation, aims replace India’s 50-year-old Income tax law and create a system that simplifies the tax structure and updates the corporate tax rates for foreign companies.

India Direct Tax Code: Relief from Double Taxation
The DTC reinstates the current well established principle – the provisions of domestic law or Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA), whichever is more beneficial to the tax payer should prevail, thereby bringing a major relief to tax payers.
However this principle will not be applicable in certain conditions including:

  • When the General Anti Avoidance Rule is invoked.

  • When Controlled Foreign Corporation provisions are invoked.

  • When branch profits tax is levied.

Indian companies are increasingly setting up International Holding Companies (IHC) for overseas investments to get commercial and fiscal benefits (e.g. tax exemption for dividend income). In line with this rationale the DTC has the CFC provisions to avoid such tax evasions. Some of the significant aspects of the CFC provisions are - CFC provisions are attracted when a foreign company is controlled by Indian resident tax payers. Control has been defined where one or more persons resident in India, individually or collectively, directly or indirectly, hold shares carrying not less than 50% of the voting power or capital of the company. An additional condition is that the entity is a resident of a country with lower level of taxation, i.e. the amount of tax payable in foreign country is less than 50% of the corresponding tax payable under the DTC.

India Direct Tax Code: General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR)

The Direct Tax Code has introduced a General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR), in line with the proposals of the discussion papers, to deal with instances where a taxpayer enters into an arrangement to obtain a tax benefit and

  • The arrangement is in a manner not normally employed for genuine business purposes.

  • The arrangement is not at arm’s length.

  • The arrangement abuses the Direct Tax Code.

  • The arrangement lacks commercial substance.

Despite the protests, the Indian government has not changed GAAR but clarified that not every arrangement that would mitigate tax liability would be classified as an avoidance agreement and it has proposed that the Central Board of Direct Taxes will issue guidelines to provide for such circumstances and thresholds under which GAAR could be invoked. In addition, the government also clarified that the Dispute Resolution Panel would be made available when the GAAR is invoked against a taxpayer.
In a doing business overseas,  investors needed to know about the risks involved in investing in their market segment of choice. There are certain risks involved in company international expansion, and incomplete knowledge about foreign markets can be a real impediment to your prospective business venture. Employing the help of a partner can your organization scale all difficulties and ensure success in your endeavors in any international business expansion.

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Reverse logistics is a crucial and growing part of a company’s supply chain process and involves the business of returning, exchanging, repair, refurbishment and remarketing products. With reverse logistics management, companies can ensure you know what is coming back by automating returns across different channels. Return logistics offer an opportunity for improving visibility and profitability while lowering costs in the supply chain. With an integrated reverse logistics management tool, there is complete end- end visibility throughout the complete cycle and includes all parties involved in the reverse supply chain flow. Earlier, companies paid scant attention to reverse logistics, but with the passage of time there is greater attention being paid to areas that impact reverse logistics as well those areas that help build stronger relationships with customers.

Reverse Logistics can be a strategic asset that can reduce costs, instead of the necessary evil that it is considered to be. The main feature in reverse logistics is the source and reasons for returns. By understanding the reason for the occurrence of returns, it is possible then recognize the various prospects for enhancing the decision-making and supply chain process. Some of the primary challenges that are faced reverse logistics are tracking of goods while they travel through the returns process, complying with the government regulations, and adjusting to the increasing customer pressure.

How to ensure effective returns management
To ensure that there is neither wastage nor any shortage it is necessary to keep in mind the practices. Your enterprise needs to know of the best returns management practices that should be employed by your enterprise to ensure effective returns processing. It is therefore necessary to have a suitable returns policy that can strengthen relationships with key customers. These policies improve your firm’s profitability by keeping fresh product in the marketplace and by efficiently managing the operational logistics of handling returns. If proper policies are in place it helps in ensuring that  products that need to be resold needs to be placed into the forward order fulfillment supply chain and product that requires refurbishment or remanufacturing needs to be identified so as to maximize value and get back the cost faster. Quality control initiatives in the manufacturing and distribution processes can help avoid returns. The cost and customer dissatisfaction associated with returning product damaged in transit can be completely avoidable with an effective returns management.

A vital step in ensuring effective reverse logistics is choosing a solution that manages the entire process of returns logistics in an efficient manner. This can better customer relationships and enhance the overall profitability of a firm.

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With successful SaaS applications becoming increasingly popular, many companies are experiencing lower front-end costs and no longer have to struggle with the time associated with implementing and managing licensed software. New technologies especially those that work with “cloud” computing are continuously providing companies with new ways to solve business problems.   Software as a Service application, also known on-demand software," does bring significant never-before-offered advantages for organizations looking for new financial, delivery and staffing alternatives related to business systems operations.

The owner of the system provides the IT support and all the hardware to host the enterprise wide application.  As a user, your business only needs to have a web browser and an internet connection to use the portion of the application relevant to your business. By implementing a SaaS application development a can enjoy a lot of benefits that include
  • Decrease in Costs

There is an overall reduction in the operational costs as choosing a SaaS model for your business removes the system licensing fees. Application or usage fees can be calculated on a periodic basis or by the actual amount of processing used. There is a decrease in the costs associated with maintenance charges and licensing fees.
  • Instant Deployment

This software is available wherever there is access to the internet. With the implementation not requiring any software installation, it can be used instantly with minimal involvement from IT.
  • Automated Upgrades

SaaS vendors are responsible for administering new releases as they also manage the entire upgrade process. With automatic upgrades happening, users are ensured of the latest versions of the software product development.
  • Built-In Support

The network comes with support services and disaster recovery, and therefore the time spent on managing the system is significantly reduced. Consequently there is a reduction in the time as well as a decrease in the fees associated with support.
  • Scalability Made Simple

With a SaaS model there is tremendous flexibility to change the number of users on demand as it is also very scalable. In a company that is developing there is the liberty of enhancing the number of users at any time as the software is being delivered as a service.

While SaaS information systems exist among all types of business applications, they have improved overall efficiencies associated with traditional software installation and maintenance. The SaaS model is becoming a very valuable component for today’s businesses, both large and small. Choose an efficient and trusted service provider who has the industry expertise to help your company design, architect and implement enterprise, consumer and carrier-scale cloud products.

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Advancement in technology has made it easy for organizations to customize the supply chain depending on the need of the organization.  The two important facets of revenue recognition are availability of products and sound market coverage. Both these are dependent on sound implementation of the supply chain strategy. The modern day business scenario is characterized by increasing complexity, competition and territorial business opportunities. It is owing to the ongoing improvements and broadened scope in personal computing that has made it possible to optimize the supply chain performance. Strengthening the supply chain cycle is the key to attaining operational excellence and business success.  A company can achieve great benefits with an efficient and effective supply chain management.

Supply chain management solutions are of great significance to every business organizations today. The supply chain management is an area that that takes into consideration the combined influence of all the organizations engaged in the production of services and goods, from manufacturers to suppliers, retailers, wholesalers and finally to the customer. With an efficient supply chain management, customer orders and the supply chain processes are made visible and highly transparent.  Entrepreneurs, business persons and organizations have a better understanding of other processes. It also helps in streamlining functions and achieving other benefits.

Reputed service providers are moving to the latest Cloud Processes and have come with efficient solutions to enhance the supply chain process. Improving the supply chain processes have numerous benefits that include being able to deliver better service on time and lesser inventory levels. Users can also benefit from the better responsiveness to unanticipated events, like staff absences, machine failures, delay in delivery, missing goods, human error, urgent client orders and many others.

Benefits of Cloud Processes
Cloud processes can enable a wide and powerful range of capabilities and radically reshape how computing power is sourced and managed and how the information is controlled. With the use of cloud processes there can be tremendous improvement in the supply chain management as it provides end-to-end visibility and automation of key activities in the after sales process. It can minimize logistics expenses by consolidating shipment and order while also minimizing logistics administration staff globally. With the use of cloud processes it is possible to attain real-time visibility into the continuous order fulfillment process flow in the supply chain.

Today’s business environment require to operate a more dynamic supply chain to respond to rising volatility in customer demands and market conditions. As supply chains are increasingly powered by information technology, powerful cloud processes have become a significant part in enhancing the supply chain management solutions.

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Valentine’s day is a day dedicated for lovers who want to celebrate the love that they feel for their partners. When we think of this day the image that comes to our mind are young and vibrant youngsters exchanging valentine’ day gifts, flowers and cards. However, never the image of an old married couple celebrating Valentine’s Day crosses our mind. This is because elderly couples are never considered to have a liking for this day. However, Contrary to popular belief, many elderly couples do enjoy celebrating this day but due to certain limitations are unable to celebrate it the way they want to. In fact, compared to others, elderly couples truly deserve this occasion, as they are the ones who have experienced true love. This day gives them an opportunity to thank the companion who loves and takes care of them in the autumnal stages of their lives.

Shopping is a big no no for the elderly married couple for three reasons. Firstly, there would be mad rush in stores which makes shopping more annoying. Secondly, the Valentines gifts found in shops and stores are more for the youth and less for the elderly. Thirdly, gifting items would be sheer waste of money since their house is already stashed with items amassed all these years. Hence, elderly couples need to think out of the box in order to please their spouse. The following are some unique valentines day gift ideas for them.

Create a Scrapbook
Create a scrapbook with photos of the beautiful moments that you have spent together. Include anecdotes, poems, and letters so that your spouse can take a trip down the memory lane.

Make an Album
Include some hilariously awkward photos of yours so that your spouse has a reason to laugh this valentine’ day. Spice it up with witty and funny tag lines. This online valentine gifts would definitely be cherished for years to come.

Take a trip down the memory lane by going together to those places, which has significant importance to your lives. Relive those beautiful moments when you discovered that you were made for each other.

Candlelit Dinner
Arrange a candlelit dinner either at home or at one of your favorite restaurants. If planning at home you can either order food from outside or you can prepare some of the favorite dishes of your spouse. If it is possible, prepare a five-course meal complete with entree and side dish. Otherwise, settle for a three-course meal with a salad, main course and dessert.

Try any of these and make the day extra special for your spouse.

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