Reading was the primary activity taken up for leisure before the advent of television, computers and new technology. For those of you who are fond of reading, and do not find the time to sit and browse through the piles of books in a bookstore, buying books online can be the easy way out.
With the concept of online shopping catching up, it has been possible to provide goods and services on a global level through an e-shop, web store or a virtual store.  These are just like your book store where purchase textbooks, novels and fictions, but the difference being you are now surfing the web to buy books.

Buying online books may have its benefits as online shopping stores differ with their prices as you find some sites selling cheaper books and at times you may find a bargain in as some sites also sell second hand textbooks and offer a buyback facility.
This business-to-consumer online book stores provide avid readers a chance to stay in touch with contemporary writers or choose books from various disciplines, online. The online booksellers generally offer all types of books with doorstep delivery option. Choosing a book from an online bookstore is very easy. One need not spend time browsing for the required book. Listing out your requirement in a search engine will take you through the world of online books   and the availability.

The books are catalogued making the search easier. You can read the review of the book before making the decision to purchase it. It can not only save you a lot of time and hassle, you can also know the popular books customers are viewing or buying, best sellers and discounts and offers.

If you want to send gift check or gift vouchers you have the option available on these India online shopping portals. All you have to do is choose a specified amount you need to send the gift voucher/check to the person concerned for him/her to redeem it. Most portals provide free shipping and generally deliver the books in 7 days.

The online bookstores maintain good customer relations by keeping their customers and visitors updated about book releases, discounts or freebies offered by them through emails.
Online shoppers are offered advance purchase of books that are slated for a late release in certain locations. This trend has gained momentum in India too. There a number of Indian publishers and e-commerce companies which sell books online. Students get access to educational books from various authors and at discounted rates are comparatively better than those offered at the bookstores.

The ability to buy books online has helped many people to keep abreast of the topics they love and find the books that they are looking for, even the rarest editions can sometimes be found online.  Not only that you will also receive notifications from online book stores when they have seasonal discounts or clearance sales that you can avail, saving you a lot of money.

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