Christmas, celebrated as a major festival commemorates the birth of Jesus and is treated as a public holiday around the world. The Christmas cheer runs through to some of the non-Christian communities too. In some countries, where Christians are still a minority, Christmas is a popular festival and many have adopted the secular aspects of Christmas such as planting Christmas trees, decorations and gifting during Christmas. Family reunions and exchange of gifts is the common feature during the season.

Taking cue from the biblical Magi when gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh were given to the infant Jesus, and later from the stories associated to St.Nicholas, gifting and exchange of Christmas gifts has become one of the core aspects of modern day Christmas. Christmas gifts to India shopping has made Christmas one of the most profitable time of the year for businesses around the world especially the retail sectors.

Gifting brings to mind friends and family and finding the ideal gift for them need not be a stressful event or   a chore, but should be fun and easy.  Whether one is looking for Stocking fillers for the younger generation or a secret Santa gift for the a dear friend, a precious gift for the special someone, a gift for Mom and Dad or for little sis, choosing from a store which gives the choice on a platter makes Christmas gift shopping very easy. A number of online shopping portals now offer everything from Christmas gifts to Christmas décor.

The online shopping stores have a range of Christmas gifts 2011. This could be anything from the choicest Christmas hampers in color coordinated gift baskets, Christmas goodies in ribbon tied gift boxes or Christmas wine hampers. Besides, one can also get customized hampers made from the stores by choosing each product. However, gifts need not be always vast and expensive, it’s the thought that counts more and better so if one can gift others with things they have been longing for.  One can also gift books, cutlery, that special crystal vase Mom wanted, a pair of jogging shoes, a set of golf balls, Aviators from Ray Ban, a manicure set, a box of special chocolate, a bunch of flowers, or a set of saplings to make a effort towards greener environment.

On the corporate front too, this is the season for gifting and enterprises allot funds during the beginning of the year from their budgets towards the Christmas season gifting. Christmas Hampers are the most favorite for the corporate sectors and with so many online shopping stores open find it convenient in sending Christmas gifts online.