One of the major advancements of internet technology is the emergence of ECommerce and its rapid success in the past few years. Computer literacy and easy online transactions have led to this rapid growth. ECommerce has made it possible for numerous vendors and online merchants to communicate with the global audience and sell their products and services. As a result of this quick expansion, online shopping and other websites are looking out for advanced eCommerce solutions and online strategies to cater to their existing customers better and grab other potential customers nationally as well as globally.

However, it is essential to understand that Ecommerce does not merely include B2C and B2B shopping websites. With the rise of the social web, social networking has undergone radical changes. The conventional online shopping model has modified itself and today welcomes the active participation of the online customers in the selling and marketing of products. This apart, mobile application development has also ushered in a fresh channel in the retail sector by enabling the consumers to shop online directly using their mobile. Service providers offering Ecommerce solutions have the experience of working with leading market players and assist in developing advanced retail goods. Their focus areas include the following:

·         Online, social and mobile commerce

·         Web portals for specialized services

·         Interactive advertising  

Furthermore, there are certain Ecommerce service providers that have also worked with numerous BPM workflow modeling tools like Appian, JBPM, OS Workflow and reporting tools such as Jasper, BIRT, Appian, Kettle, Microstrategy to offer Ecommerce software product development solutions that are consistent, quick and very cost-efficient. They also have the capacity to establish and assist Ecommerce solutions such as:

·         Online storefronts, shopping carts and catalogs

·         Web-based administration products that help to manage inventory, coupon codes and gift certificates

·         Point of sales (POS) and payment processing solutions

·         Web portals for travel, event management and ticketing

·         Online auction engines that are based on open source libraries

·         Websites optimized for the user content generation

·         Location-based shopping solutions for mobile phones

·         Robust, scalable platforms for digital content delivery

·         Next-generation ad servers

The best way for attaining a competitive advantage in the Ecommerce market is to assure a great consumer experience. Some of them include offering secure data management, sharp user interface, quick performance and a solid POS along with the capacity to manage huge amounts of online traffic. Service providers of Ecommerce solutions are working on these aspects to offer better consumer service and gain more online consumers.

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