Making the world more transparent and interconnected, Social media is tremendously alluring  for B-to-B marketers. Companies now realize that social media is a great place to attract new customers and it is therefore important to run a campaign that gives you a valuable Return On Investment (ROI).  Recent studies A recent study conducted by IBM Corporation found that while almost 50% of the 1,161 companies surveyed put more money into B2B lead generation through social media in 2012, only about 22% said they were prepared to incorporate social media tools into their day-to-day operations. Creating a buzz within social communities is an effective tactic for social media strategy as social discussion boosts engagement, as a result encouraging traffic, word of mouth, and awareness.

Social Media and Lead Generation
Prospects discuss your business, products and services in social media venues. It is important to find out what they are saying, clarify their needs, and reach out to them with specialized campaigns. Social media sites are excellent tools for Lead Nurturing and customers as well as share content and messages about your organization. In B2B marketing,  it is essential to have effective tools for promotional purposes, and make sure that  you are attracting new fans and followers through content and campaigns that will attract the right prospects.

Social media is rated as the top marketing channel for lead generation. You can now track phone calls, web visitors and see which of your marketing streams is most effective and creating ROI. Although it is a great means of increasing a company’s trustworthiness and goodwill, how you behave on social networks will shape how your audience views your organization.

When companies are able to have conversations with their customers, the result is going to be a great amount of credibility.  Social media channels also make it easier and more flexible for companies to engage with its customers, and it certainly gives the organization increased and better branding. Aside from that, when you promote your products through social media channels, this will definitely help you so that you can increase your return over investment or ROI.

Social media campaigns needs to be a growing part of any organization's’ marketing plan. The technologies help us create a conversation between the brand, customers & prospective customers. To firmly establish your company, it is vitally necessary to connect with your audience.  Interesting articles will make people want to read your posts and answering their comments and questions will help you understand what your audience  really wants. Generate many viable prospective leads by running a good social media marketing campaign.

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