The present business world  has a highly competitive environment. Enterprises struggle to withstand the competition through technology upgrading,  best-of-the- breed  IT infrastructure, software applications and globalization. To expand the business and fulfill the requirements of a globalized enterprise, enterprises need  a strong marketing team with ability to generate leads.

Enterprises tend to spend  largely on their marketing strategies  to enable them to generate leads. The Internet and the World Wide Web has also provided opportunities in the form of corporate websites and social media to reach out to a wider consumer base.  Nevertheless,  it has been found that only 20% of the leads are actually converted to sales. The need for the hour is an effective lead management solution that will help enterprises in a  big way.

The techno savvy enterprises today make use of lead management software to bring in the desired results of marketing.  Wikipedia defines Lead management as the set of methodologies, systems and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele through their marketing operations. Effective for both business-to-business and business-to-customer markets, this process acts as a precursor to sales management and customer care.

With leads being the  heart and soul of marketing strategy, the success of marketing lies in the effectiveness of  its management. The typical lead management process includes engaging advertisements media for lead generation, creating leads on the basis of  response to advertisements  and capturing these for information. Based on the grading, the potential ones enter the lead nurturing process.

The nurtured leads  which are  further passed on to the sales departments as prospects, also need to be tracked . Professional lead tracking will ensure that enterprises do not  loose the leads nurtured. With success in marketing dependent on  its smart management  leading to customer acquisition, retention and brand reputation, enterprise need to enhance the process of lead management with the help of a strong lead management software.

Leading marketing automation service providers have worked out lead management software that will facilitate enterprises to communicate with the leads.. Though the leads are present, the enterprises need to get them into the sales funnel. Through effective lead generation, data mining & business intelligence, lead qualification, nurturing and  integration with existing CRM systems the software enables B2B enterprises to collaborate opportunities with partners . Besides this also provides analytics of their marketing strategies .

The lead management software  thus  enables the enterprises to  track and  manage the leads throughout its lifecycle till it gets converted into customers, thus bringing in increased revenue and return on investments.

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