B2B lead generation can be enhanced by publishing blogs on the company website. Here are some important tips for lead generation through corporate blogs.

Every time you put out a blog, promote it across social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest. Make it shareable across social media. Download social sharing plug-ins such as Google+’s “+1”, LinkedIn’s “inShare” and Twitter’s “Tweet”. This makes it easy for people to share your content with just a click. Social sharing helps you climb search results post Google’s Penguin update.

Syndicate your blog content to blog syndication sites. These sites will simultaneously publish your every blog post for free, link to your original post and help you reach a wider audience.

Customerthink.com, b2bmarketingzone.com and business2community.com are established syndication sites in B2B marketing. Do contribution posts to reputed news/contribution sites in your    niche industry. The site will first publish your post, after which you can post it on your site. These have to be negotiated on a per-post basis, and you will have to meet the editorial criteria of the site.  

Seek out influential bloggers in your business. Mention them/their posts in your posts. Influence them to promote your blog. Provide an RSS feed button on your blog so interested readers can read all your posts.

Directories are a bit out-dated, but they don’t hurt. Seek out directories in your niche. Register with sites such as alltop.com and Yahoo directories. Invite industry experts to be a guest bloggers on your blog. It can help drive traffic.

Use a pop up email subscription option. This way you capture interested visitors’ email IDs and build a dedicated readership.

Use Custom URL Parameters from Google Analytics to track source from which visitor came and which posts are most popular. Track your visitors – time spent on blog, page views, number of      comments, number of RSS subscribers, number of visitors who click through to other parts of your website.

Use a marketing automation platform to identify your anonymous visitors. Get their names, company names, company revenues and contact details. Track their behavior to find out if they return to your site and what other sections do they read. The marketing automation software helps to track prospects and score them using a lead scoring model based on their demographic and behavioral patterns. A sales-ready lead gets the highest score, thereby accelerating the lead generation process.

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