As per Gartner, the crucial mobile applications in 2012 are going to focus on high-end devices. It has been noted that the best and successful mobile applications have their own unique features and does not operate as mobile extensions of the their online groups. Today mobile applications have defined the user experience and the attempt to find the apt competitive edge. It has been also noted that mobile applications have the ability to generate favorable revenues and also results in driving hardware sales of new Smart phones. In addition to that, in the recent time even the advertising expenses depend on the mobile market.

Gartner report also elaborates that mobile application development companies are in an attempt to shift the marketing funds for experimenting with the mobile channel. Esteemed organizations specializing in technology and R&D services are well equipped with the new development today are coming up with innovative strategies to strengthen their brand image. The recent mobile application development trends are pointing towards a metered data usage in the near future that will impact user behavior.

However, today eminent companies specializing in product engineering have come up with high-end mobile applications focusing on certain core areas that include:

·         Location-Based Services (LBS)

·         Mobile Media Streaming

·         Presence and Social Networking

·         Messaging and Syncing

·         Mobile Advertisement and Ad Engines

·         Mobile VoIP

·         Gaming

Though the Google’s mobile operating system is open source, there are multiple carriers and equipment vendors that are adding in their own features and tweaks to the primary code base for distinguishing themselves from the other market players in the market. The outcome of such tweaks has generated in 15 screen sizes and most of the changes have been expected to arrive in the forthcoming days. With the exponential growth in mobile applications, customers are going to experience an explosion in the business process applications that would result in a huge revolution. The enterprise application market is expected to reach US$100B by 2015.

The consumer expectations in mobile applications are reaching sky-high. Today no user is willing to return back to the yesteryears and use older technologies. Furthermore, mobile interfaces that provide a web experience are needed to surface now. Everyone including the youth today is well versed with the latest mobile devices and expects that the devices need to operate as per their requirements. Hence, mobile application brands are increasingly entrenching their mobile initiatives and are proactive about marketing their products to all audience groups.

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