Today's globalized business world is not just technology enabled but is also  turning mobile. The large number of smartphones and tablets sold across the world, is a proof to this. Such a technological evolution has paved way for development of large number of software applications that would help end users with ease of  performing various job functions and also ensure business continuity. However, this also introduces the organization to significant factors that needs proper vetting before initiating  development of mobile application solutions.

The demand for more  flexible, reliable, secure  and integration  with the other applications has paved way for mobile application developers and the mobile market to expand exponentially.  The applications developed for the mobile market helps people and companies fulfill the task with ease. The mobile phones which have today become more than a communication device, have replaced the computers and laptops with their easy and anytime anywhere access mode.

Wikipedia defines mobile application development as the process by which application software is developed for handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. Organizations around the world always want to reachout to their  customers on time. Use of smartphones helps organization  interact with their customers instantly. Leading service providers have facilitated the development of  customer-centric mobile applications for various platforms.

Mobile application developers have worked to design and develop a number of application to perform activities such as transferring funds,  shopping, playing games,   finding locations and much more. However, these applications being developed for different platforms, involves incorporating strategies and tools to enable the mobile application tun into functional applications.  Further, these applications are made available to the end-users either as a preloaded versions or are available for downloads as per customer requirement, making mobile application development companies climb the growth chart. Further, with a large number of android phones and hand held devices, these organizations also ensure efficient android application development.

The enterprises involved in such product engineering has a clear focus on location based services,  mobile media streaming, messaging and synching.  The mobile  application developers are also equipped with deep understanding of domain knowledge.  The customer-centric development of mobile applications for various platforms has facilitated the successful deployment of these  applications in GPS, social networking, maps, game applications, payment gateway, shopping cart etc. However, making  web applications accessible on different leading mobile platforms, helps organizations attract and retain  customers and  increase profit. The cross platform  development reduces any technical barriers.

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