New age shopping is all about surfing the web from the comfort of their home. E-commerce has been quiet popular since the advent of internet, but online shopping in India is gaining popularity only recently and is increasing steadily. This could have been due to low internet penetration and for some the deterrent can be the payment gateways offered by various online shopping websites. Many people do not want to divulge their credit card details due to security reason.

Inspite of these challenges online shopping is slowly gaining momentum and has great potential in the near future.   Apart from this most people want to see and feel the product before they buy it. According to a survey “Online shopping is growing in popularity, as consumers realize the convenience and ease of shopping online. Interestingly, among all the markets surveyed, India is the only one where the 18-29 year age group has the highest average spend on online shopping”.

People who used to do online shopping only for goods and services that were unavailable in the country, but today, buying behavior of customers has changed. You can see them purchasing gadgets and buying books online that can easily be secured from the city malls or neighboring store.
Numerous ecommerce analysts and researchers are of opinion, that online shopping has the potential to reach about $100 billion or more in the forthcoming years. 

Online shopping provides a number of advantages like 24 hours shopping, wherein you can surf through the products, compare them and get the best deals. This does not require traveling to different shops and you get rich product availability and specifications sitting right at your home. You get huge discounts sometimes as much as 60 to 70% apart from free shipping for selected items thereby attracting the net savvy customers to give it a go.  The goods that can be bought online are endless.
Most Indian shopping websites offer the option of cash on delivery, giving comfort to many shoppers who can try their hand at buying products online. The best thing about shopping online is that you can now ship any gift around the world to your loved ones for a small price or sometimes free. You can select both local and imported brands of electronic goods and gadgets, consumer durables and home appliances, fashion and apparel, beauty and wellness, books and paintings and so on.

There are many payment options, you can pay through major Visa/Master Credit / Debit Cards, Net Banking, Cheque / DD or Money Order, Mobiles, Prepaid account, Reward Points, Gift Certificates or Promotion Codes. You can also track the status of your orders herewith and will be provided with the best available feedback. Add colors to this auspicious occasion to the very best, even when you are miles away.

Online shopping in India is here to stay and if you have not yet had an experience of online shopping, do it today. Happy shopping!  

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