The world is shrinking. You no longer have to wait for your cousins or uncle aunts to come on holiday to get you those exclusive items, chocolates etc available abroad. Amazing isn't it? You can just sitting at home surf for any product, available across the world and order. Everything to do with the internet is growing, so are shopping websites.

Maybe it is the fast paced life and the hustle and bustle of modern society that gives us less time to spend looking around shops or maybe we are just getting fed up of the crowd, the traffic and never ending queues. For whatever reason, more people are going online to buy presents for family and friends today.

India is coming of age in the online shopping league. It is gradually increasing its pace but due to slower Internet penetration, lack of debit or credit card holders being few with not many websites offering the option of cash on delivery and certain unfavorable tax regulations. Online shopping is popular only with people in huge metro cities. However, today with more and more people are shopping online.

With India online shopping developing gradually, people are buying products such as electronics, online books, air and rail tickets, apparels, appliances, handicrafts, paintings, jewellery, gift vouchers, mobiles and many more.  A number of market research firms have predicted that online shopping and retail sales will triple to around £19 million within four years.  
This article will explore some of the main factors that explain the popularity of online shopping.

* Shopping online at your convenience – You can shop at your convenience 24/7/365 days from the convenience of your air-conditioned apartment or office.  This is a huge advantage especially for people who are working and people who have mobility problems.

* Online Comparison - Web has become a major hub for surfing for products you are interested in. You can find numerous sites that stock the product you are interested in buying and can compare prices and models before buying. It would be time consuming if you go physically and compared prices from one store to another.  

* Review - You can find online reviews about all products. It helps you in measuring the performance of the products. You can decide on the product based on the review with a click on the mouse button.

* Rare Items - No matter what you are trying to find a collectible or antique or even an original part for a vintage car, to give a few examples you can be sure that someone somewhere will have it for sale on the internet or will be able to tell you where you can source it from at a bargain price.

On-line shopping can have its disadvantages too; online transactions involve the on-line exchange of card information. And, considering that it’s done on the internet there could be security risks involved. Your account maybe tampered and utilized illegally without your consent by hackers. But that has not deterred consumers from exploring this new and cost-effective mode of shopping.  

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