In the fast paced technologically competitive world, every business environment, irrespective of being a small or medium venture or a large conglomerate, is aimed at maximizing cash flow.  By establishing an order management process ensures smooth flow from approved orders, order fulfillment, payment, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Order fulfillment as per Wikipedia is the complete process from point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer. In other words Order fulfillment in the broader sense describe the way firms respond to customer orders. Simple though this may sound, with every business process being different the order management system also differs. Considered as a ratio between the production lead-time to the demand lead-time, organizations work out various options such as engineer-to-order, build-to-order, assemble-to-order, build-to-forecast and digital copies to meet the order fulfillment requirements.

Further being the last link in the supply chain and direct contact point in the customer’s procurement process, order fulfillment is a vital component of every business process. The supply chain process is dependent on the success of the order fulfillment process and entails a meticulously organized operation from procurement to timely despatch and delivery of products. However, in the globalized business environment, with customers and offices spread across wide geographical boundaries, business houses have turned tech savvy.  Investing in purchase order software and order fulfillment software is one way to ensure consistent quality, high visibility and timely delivery of the products.

Today, with technological innovations and procurement process going the electronic way there are number of enterprises in the service sector that have designed and developed automated cloud process based order management system. Being a demanding task, the manual handling of order fulfillment process may result in errors leading to customer dissatisfaction. The automated cloud process would not only handle the processes smoothly but also control the end-to-end flow.

The leading service providers of this sector provides their clientele a cloud-based process which by integrating the value network, executes a logical operation ensuring optimized performance in the order fulfillment process with a high degree of transparency. Further, this process with its interactive dashboard helps the organization to
  • Monitor and control the procurement process
  • Control packaging and transportation
  • Receive real-time reporting of orders dispatched.
  • Monitor the trends
  • Identify bottlenecks and conduct an in-depth analysis.

The cloud based order management system works as a tactical intelligent factor in the supply chain business offering the clientele flexible, simple and proactive methods to achieve high-performing order fulfillment process to strengthen customer relationship.

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5/1/2012 05:00:11 am

Technology is so important in today's warehousing industry, especially if you expect your business to thrive. Most consumers do not realize all that goes into the ordering process and it is rather complex.


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