The trend of offshore services or nearshore services has provided financial respite to many businesses situated in expensive locations reeling under the stress of escalating costs. Software development processes are also being distributed to offshore teams located in cheap economic zones. However this is creating challenges in collaboration amongst the distributed teams and hindering the culmination of a successful project.

The difference in time, distance and cultures are the main reasons for collaboration issues that plague the nearshore and offshore development services. Incompatibility between the distributed teams affects communication adversely and all controls on the project are lost resulting in a poor performance. High levels of collaboration, coordination and awareness is required to ensure that the software developed is proficiently developed, tested and delivered to the customers without any reasons for complaints.

It is imperative that you hire a competent team for distributed software development projects irrespective of your choice of offshore or nearshore development services. The team that displays convincing capabilities at every stage can be trusted wholly to turn your visions into reality. They must ensure that the best and experienced project execution engineers are on board so that their industry expertise can be utilized productively for developing high quality software products cost-effectively.

The distributed software development team leverages real-time collaboration and provides you with enhanced visibility on the status of the project. They deploy integrated business intelligence tools that have the capability to detect factors that hinder a smooth application lifecycle management, and address the issues effectively.

They provide you with real-time end-to-end traceability reports through intuitive dashboards that facilitate you to view the entire process and support you to make critical business decisions. The professionals provide you with valuable customer research services so that you can understand the needs of your customers correctly, plan your strategies based on these priorities and raise the customer satisfaction levels with your performances.

The distributed software development operation entails a lot more complexities in comparison to the normal operations. Thus you have to make your decisions with a clear and practical perspective. You cannot risk any situations that may either cause delays or poor deliveries. You need the assistance of professionals that can help develop credible products without raising your costs or causing any distasteful aftereffects. Professional teams have the knowledge, experience and skills to provide you with the best solutions that give you a competitive edge in the market and elevate your position.

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