With the success of eCommerce it’s a whole new world of the B2B marketers with new demands that put on them by the sales teams and senior management, new strategies that are coming to the forefront there are multiple decisions and choices to make regarding technology investments. This is why it is essential to concentrate on the B2B demand generation, to attain a clear idea about the core business environment and use this knowledge for marketing activities. In today’s world of Web 2.0 the buyers and consumers have become more powerful than before. This means the sales and marketing initiatives needs to be centered on the buying process and anticipate consumer information consumption process.

Marketing Automation in B2B demand generation strategy
Marketing automation can be defined as the technology infrastructure that is needed by a company to power buyer-centric demand generation. On its own technology cannot make you an enhanced or a more buyer-centric B2B marketer. However, technology innovation coupled with process, people and content innovation can totally change the marketing game. As a marketer focuses on the same, it helps them to significantly enhance the quality scopes offered to the same. Therefore, marketing automation is the engine that underpins the solution and is essential to the success of demand generation. It is an essential component in scaling and monitoring the pattern of a dynamic marketing campaign led by a buyer and engages the buyers on a “mass one-to-one” basis.

Keeping in mind all these aspects service providers specializing in lead management solutions has introduced marketing automation software that helps you to consolidate every lead from multiple sources. The software makes it simpler to view every lead coming in from the marketing campaign form fills, website, social media monitoring, email campaigns as well as the offline leads in a single dashboard. This apart, you can have the complete lead information, from the organization details to the decision makers contact details. In addition to that, the company level intelligence and buying intent helps companies to act easily on the leads.

The power and competency of advanced marketing automation software lie in the fact that can seamlessly integrate with your sales CRM system making sure an effortless lead transition from marketing to sales. The software assists you to differentiate the high-intent, “ready to buy” leads from the low intent “just looking for information” leads. The software helps you to score, prioritize and qualify the leads, so that the sales team can only concentrate on the high-end leads for fast sales.

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