The iPhone is perhaps the most popular phenomena of our times. It has become an instant success and is one of the most coveted technological devices that are being used today by young and old alike. Soon after this came in iPad that created a rage and was a great success for both versions. The major feature that has made iPhone a massive success is its superior quality operating system and its brilliant application features. Within a very less time iPad games development became one of the most coveted business propositions.

There are multiple kinds of mobile application development features that are being designed today for iPhone. The existing ones include utility apps, gaming apps, music apps, entertainment apps, social networking apps, Newstand app development and many more. There are applications that are made by businesses to make their business service much more accessible to the users. This phenomenal growth in the application development market has been spelling success for the developers that are introducing applications on an ongoing basis.

Today eminent software development companies, with their service portfolio have shown an in-depth understanding of the dynamic environment of mobile iPhone and Android application development. These companies with their mobile technology know-how spans across all the operating systems, mobile devices and platforms have worked on almost everything from a chip set to a complete application. Furthermore, they develop, design, test, implement and support both enterprise and consumer mobile application for the following technologies:-

Mobile Devices

·         iPad

·         iPhone

·         Motorola

·         LG

·         Samsung

·         Motorola

·         Microsoft

·         Nokia

·         BlackBerry

·         Sony Ericsson

Mobile Operating Systems and Platforms

·         Android

·         iOS J2ME

·         BREW

·         Windows Mobile

·         Palm

·         Symbian

·         BlackBerry

The best thing about iPhone application development is that every kind of market has been capable of setting up a huge market for itself. There is yet another type of applications that is also gaining prominence with the iPhone users, and that is the location based apps. This kind of application is a new concept having a great deal of potential.

According to a latest study conducted by it has been noticed that iPhone application development trends today are gradually shifting towards business uses. What at a point of time was once a 50/50 split between consumer applications and business applications, today appears as a 70/30 split in favor of business applications.

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Today the smartphone industry is growing at a very fast rate and people are really interested in buying the popular iPhone rather than going for a simple phone. There are several free applications for iPhone which will make your life easy. It’s no longer just a phone.

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