The B2B marketer is judged by one the number of qualified leads generated.  Today with intense competition around marketing teams need to come up with innovative and effective lead generation strategies to ensure that there is an incessant flow of qualified leads through the sales funnel.

When it comes to lead generation, marketers are always talking about planning and strategy. Most lead generation methods are largely built on trial and error, and businesses may fail a few times before actually succeeding. The most effective tools available for lead generation requires a changing of perspective and strategy. Developing a demand generation plan is the first step to demand generation success. The key to developing a truly effective plan is to understand the best practices and tactics from competition to build  a successful strategy  designed to win.

Producing quality, actionable leads for a robust sales pipeline on a daily basis is an all encompassing function. The discipline of prospecting requires a unique set of attributes and skills. The key to lead generation is using a variety of strategies at the one time. Just as a regular print advertisement  won’t generate a large number of leads, it is important to understand that a business needs to be using  marketing tools simultaneously to really reach your target market and draw them to your business.

Settle on the best lead generation techniques, so that those best practices going forward to keep failure to a minimum. The first step is to realize that not all potential clients are at the same stage of the buying process. Understanding the target audience and their needs is a key essential in creating a successful inbound marketing plan. Once the  buyers and their needs are understood, businesses can ensure that they are better equipped  to provide and offer content or services that will benefit target audience.  This content could consist of eBooks, webinars, articles, or videos that are attractive to the potential buyer.

Simple and cost effective lead nurturing strategies combined with your other marketing activities will ensure there is a constant stream of new leads that can be converted into customers. Networking groups, Alliances, Trade shows/expos, Testimonial/word of mouth are cost-effective ways to generate leads and it is recommended  that all businesses engage in at least some of them.

Whether your business outsources the lead generation function or strengthen the  internal demand generation process—the strategies, metrics and performance requirements need to be able to produce quality leads. Establish the best processes and strategies in order to produce an ongoing, successful sales pipeline of quality, actionable leads that meets and exceeds your forecast.

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