Today companies have to use innovative techniques to attract prospects to their websites. Since most visitors are well informed before they reach the webpage, it is imperative to keep them engaged with quality content. Apart from content there are some webpage aesthetics that need to be followed to succeed in lead generation.

When driving leads to online web pages, some important best practices must be followed. Here are the top best practices to be followed for lead generation.

Hassle-free Website Navigation
  • Keep website layouts simple and straightforward because prospects do not linger on sites that confuse them.
  • Project highest benefit your solution offers and keep the content bold and bulleted.
  • Use engagement tactics like polling, voting, sharing to gain their attention.
  • Do not have multiple links on the website. Provide only one URL where they can register or subscribe to your site or newsletter.
  • Categorize content within website searches in order to provide them with recent and updated information on the solution or service.

Clear Call to Action
  • Call-to-action buttons help in lead nurturing by taking the prospect interest to the next stage.
  • Design new and innovative call-to-action buttons that kindle the curiosity of the prospect.
  • Keep CTAs near sign-up forms.
  • Place them in a visible position so that the prospect need not search for them.
  • Link CTA buttons to website pages so that the prospect is able to view/read information from the home page as well.

Short Form-fills
  • Form-fills help elicit prospect information in a friendly manner.
  • Use an auto-responder email once the data has been filled in.
  • Confirm the request and ask them to provide more information such as industry domain, prospect title etc.
  • Include form-fills in feedback and suggestion forms as well.
  • Keep the questions less so that the user does not abandon the form-fill activity.
  • Keep form-fills above the screen fold.
  • Ask for email address, name and company name – which are vital to establish the identity of the user.
  • Display your privacy policy at the end of the form-fill to assure the user that his information is secure.
  • Vary content for the Submit button. Use buttons with Click here, Know more, Read more or Find out now, etc.
  • Use marketing automation software to track leads that have filled information on your web pages to further nurture them.

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