One of the most common challenges of B2B marketing is to understand the basics and importance of lead generation and nurturing. Starting with the ways to generate inquiries through challenging follow-up and hand-off by the sales team, and the ways to evaluate the outcome, this field witnesses much wasted capital, missed opportunities and other downright errors that any other domain in business-to-business marketing and sales.

Today with the use of certain conventional direct mail methods, i.e. Multivariate testing, A/B splits on the internet, such as email marketing, web design, pay per click advertising, search engine marketing, social media, web 2.0, landing page optimization the lead generation and nurturing process has become even more complicated to set up. However, on the other hand it has become simpler to manage than before.

Importance of Lead Generation and Nurturing
It is essential to pay attention to the lead generation and nurturing process because of three main reasons. They are:

  • There is always scope for improvement – The ROI from enhancing the lead generation program is mostly worth that time and effort of the B2B marketer.
  • Scope for establishing a competitive advantage – In majority of industry verticals your competition lies in the essential managing lead generation and nurturing process at the same level where you are. The initiatives that you take can help you attain a competitive edge and attain greater market share than other market players.
  • Making efficient use of the budget – When you assess your results, then you are able to put your capital where it’s best working and line it up with your capital to attain strategic goals.

Today service providers specializing in lead management programs have come up with lead generation and marketing automation solutions. They provide end users with a marketing automation platform that enables them to recognize, capture and convert online leads into sales scopes by offering actionable lead intelligence.

The solution further recognizes anonymous website visitors, but also analyzes intelligently their intent and interests to help in the targeted sales approach. The solution is also efficient in identifying the stage where the prospects are in the buying process with the help of sophisticated behavior analysis. The marketing teams can thus give greater attention to lead nurturing programs that will lead to higher qualified leads and sales teams can go ahead and close the deals faster and lessen the sales cycle. This brings in an overall enhancement in the sales and marketing productivity. With advanced lead generation solutions you can attain qualified leads, pre-qualified leads, rich with data and have a an increased higher conversion rate than the cold contacts that helps the sales team to attain their targets quicker.

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