Inside sales teams were a frustrated lot, earlier. This is because they constantly had to deal with dead end calls as they worked with incomplete lead contact information. Marketing automation tools have made this process simpler by capturing qualified leads visiting the website. By tracking down leads that show buying interest, teams could generate faster sales and develop a more targeted responses to those browsing the website.

When leads are generated using lead intelligence, they have a significantly higher conversion success rate than cold contacts. When lead website activity is tracked, they can be scored based on the profile set by the marketer. This way, marketers can pre-qualify their leads, and pass them on to sales teams when they deem fit.  A robust lead generation system combined with some smart marketing techniques will aid marketers in closing deals faster.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is the most widely used B2B marketing technique that is used to connect with prospects. It can be used to send personalized and targeted messages for lead generation and lead nurturing purposes. Marketers can choose to email exciting offers, propositions, events, newsletters, etc. Analyst reports, survey results or website metrics are always a good draw with prospects. So, sharing these reports through email will aid in increasing click through rates for landing pages.

Content Marketing
Marketing collaterals like newsletters and articles are an effective way to touch base with subscribed prospects. When prospect is in the awareness stage, he will be actively looking for information about related products and solutions. So, well-written and researched articles/whitepapers/case studies/success stories can help to engage him on a regular basis.

Marketers need to follow up on all leads that have shown interest in the product, irrespective of their buying stages. With the help of marketing automation systems, marketers need to install a regular follow-up system on all leads and customers to ensure they remain warm.  Integrating their own CRM system with marketing automation software will help to automatically nurture these leads.

Display Customer Success
The company website has to project the product’s benefits and the customers who have benefited from it. Customer success stories or case studies are widely read by prospects in the considering state. Therefore, it is important to have a testimonial column on websites which displays the customer success stories as well.

Marketing automation
Using automated tools, marketers can build a pipeline of qualified leads in the marketing funnel (who will be nurtured through email marketing), track visitor intent in real time, shorten sales cycles and boost revenue, and align marketing and sales goals.

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