Android today is the fastest-growing mobile OS thanks to its multi channel and multi carrier OS. Every day more than 1 million new Android mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets are activated worldwide, which definitely proves beyond doubt the popularity of android devices among the customers.

The most favorite aspect of Android for customers and developers alike is the open and customizable nature of its operating system. This open and customizable nature makes it easy to be used on other electronics including smartbooks, netbooks, eBook readers, laptops, and smart TVs despite being designed primarily for Smartphones and tablets. Android mobile devices have led to the creation of billions of virtual offices, libraries, movie theaters, and shopping malls that move along with the customers.

Android devices are definitely smart but to stay ahead in a market characterized by intense competition and extreme volatility, android mobile devices need to be smarter. Today the customers’ digital lives are constantly changing as they live in a world where each day starts with new discoveries, innovations, and applications. In such a scenario, the objective of every Android development team when carrying out android application development is to constantly  grow and expand to develop devices and applications that fit into customers' ever-changing digital lives – all while keeping them connected to their business and social networks.

Enterprises looking for a perfect partner for mobile R&D services should opt for one who has a deep understanding of the dynamic environment of Android software development. There are many eminent application development service providers whose mobile technology expertise spans all major mobile devices, operating systems, and platforms. Not only that, they design, develop, implement, test and support both consumer and enterprise mobile applications for the following technologies:

Mobile Devices

·         iPad

·         iPhone

·         Motorola

·         LG

·         Samsung

·         Motorola

·         Microsoft

·         Nokia

·         BlackBerry

·         Sony Ericsson

Mobile Operating Systems and Platforms

·         Android

·         iOS J2ME

·         BREW

·         Windows Mobile

·         Palm

·         Symbian

·         BlackBerry

Their Android application development capabilities include:

·         Building a wide range of applications for VoIP, streaming, social networking, messaging, remote device management, etc

·         Ensuring a rich user experience, including effects &and gesture implementation

·         Modifying native applications like Dialer, Calendar, Clock, Photo & Camera, Phone, Idle, etc

·         Designing widget-based applications using Android´s widget framework

·         Developing social networking aggregators and plug-in frameworks

The best thing about Android application development process is that it constantly evolves to develop powerful, differentiated applications using the latest mobile technologies.

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