B2B marketing requires powerful tools that will convince the buyer about the usability of the product. In B2B, the buyer signifies a group of people who will take a collective decision for purchasing. This collective decision has to be influenced by B2B marketers so that the buying team chooses their product. Some of the powerful ways of B2B marketing include social media, emails, paid advertising and offline events. In this article email marketing has been discussed.

Email marketing is a powerful and popular marketing tool for B2B lead generation. Email marketing services are usually preferred by B2B enterprises as it is low cost and an effective means to reach a wide range of targeted audiences.

B2B email marketing can be viewed as a process of building a relationship with prospects or past and present customers by sending newsletters, brochures and information updates about products/services/offers via email.

Success of Email Marketing
The success of any marketing campaign depends on delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Marketers need to send personalized emails that will make them curious and make them reach out to the company’s website for more information.

For this to materialize marketers must first know the intent of the prospect which would make it simpler to run targeted email marketing message to him. This is where marketing automation solutions step in to intensify email marketing efforts of the marketer.

Intelligent marketing automation solution help companies achieve their marketing goals by identifying the “website visitor intent”. By revealing the prospect identity the sales and the marketing teams can run targeted email campaigns based on intent.

Using Marketing Automation Tools for Email Marketing
Marketing automation tools help email marketing efforts to multiple by creating campaigns easily based on identified leads ad tracking email campaigns based on intent and website activity. It can be used to enrich the understanding about the prospect and his buying interest and engage the prospect with relevant content to sustain the interest shown.

Marketers can assess generic information like opens and clicks and getting detailed information on the intent of the users and, achieve higher conversions from email marketing efforts.

Email marketing can also be used to nurture prospects. Marketers can send out follow up emails with information based on intent and also share their success stories with links. By sending out invitations to technology events or online seminars/webinars marketers can invite them to read content collaterals that may be of interest to prospects.

Nurturing prospects through email marketing in real time helps understand prospects and his current buying stage. Sales and marketing teams can make the right move and a faster closure of deals can be expected.

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It is very much true that old business practice is not workable in current business situation because there is regular swing in the market which either up and down so we need to change the business practice regularly.

9/20/2012 10:10:01 pm

Your view about email marketing is correct and I support your thoughts. I am also use this tricks and precautions for increasing business.


Yup, its true email marketing is being used widely because of its simplicity and easy to use characteristics. The experts who read the markets have already termed email marketing as one of the best and most effective forms of marketing. Thanks.


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