As per Gartner, the crucial mobile applications in 2012 are going to focus on high-end devices. It has been noted that the best and successful mobile applications have their own unique features and does not operate as mobile extensions of the their online groups. Today mobile applications have defined the user experience and the attempt to find the apt competitive edge. It has been also noted that mobile applications have the ability to generate favorable revenues and also results in driving hardware sales of new Smart phones. In addition to that, in the recent time even the advertising expenses depend on the mobile market.

Gartner report also elaborates that mobile application development companies are in an attempt to shift the marketing funds for experimenting with the mobile channel. Esteemed organizations specializing in technology and R&D services are well equipped with the new development today are coming up with innovative strategies to strengthen their brand image. The recent mobile application development trends are pointing towards a metered data usage in the near future that will impact user behavior.

However, today eminent companies specializing in product engineering have come up with high-end mobile applications focusing on certain core areas that include:

·         Location-Based Services (LBS)

·         Mobile Media Streaming

·         Presence and Social Networking

·         Messaging and Syncing

·         Mobile Advertisement and Ad Engines

·         Mobile VoIP

·         Gaming

Though the Google’s mobile operating system is open source, there are multiple carriers and equipment vendors that are adding in their own features and tweaks to the primary code base for distinguishing themselves from the other market players in the market. The outcome of such tweaks has generated in 15 screen sizes and most of the changes have been expected to arrive in the forthcoming days. With the exponential growth in mobile applications, customers are going to experience an explosion in the business process applications that would result in a huge revolution. The enterprise application market is expected to reach US$100B by 2015.

The consumer expectations in mobile applications are reaching sky-high. Today no user is willing to return back to the yesteryears and use older technologies. Furthermore, mobile interfaces that provide a web experience are needed to surface now. Everyone including the youth today is well versed with the latest mobile devices and expects that the devices need to operate as per their requirements. Hence, mobile application brands are increasingly entrenching their mobile initiatives and are proactive about marketing their products to all audience groups.

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The globalized world and the highly techno savvy customers challenges the enterprises to meet up  the ever changing demands of the technology centered world.  To successfully meet the expectations, enterprises and software experts work out innumerable applications. However, the process of software application development is a critical one and requires great expertise and knowledge. With cut-throat competition and intense restrictions business houses are torn between managing costs and efficiency and losing on any potentially profitable projects.

Business organizations thus need agile and integrated product lifecycle management platform that will provide them with a  collaborative process for high quality application development at reduced costs. One way to meet the present day challenges without compromising on quality is to depend on professional offshore product development services.  These offshore  development services  with their  qualified professionals,  innovative and flexible product life cycle management solutions develop  exemplary products while managing cost reduction.

Product life cycle management which refers to managing through the life cycle of a  particular product, starts from the conception stage,  leading to designing,  manufacturing, advisory services and finally disposal. Considered as the keystones of the organization's IT structure, this  combines data, people, business systems and  IT processes, and offers the organization all the  essential product information. The agile life cycle management tools deployed by the professionals provides an integrated framework for effective communication between teams with high visibility and complete traceability to monitor operations, track progress and manage risks.  
Further, the offshore teams provide their clientele with independent verification and quality analysis besides other services such as advanced testing, result analysis, defect investigation and certification.  The agile life cycle management tools by deploying the  best coding practices  helps in reducing the defects in the codes. Product life cycle management being an essential process in software development, every stage is vital to the process and requires appropriate tools for best results.

The ideation and product development services offered by the leaders in the industry help enterprises seamlessly wade through product development. With a full product R&D services clients can gain access to  facilities such as tried and tested software  and product development process and distributed agile engineering platform. The agile product life cycle management services being aimed at    global resource and development, it combines world class PLM tools and unique methodology which acts as a catalyst for working in a well-distributed environment for developing high-end products.

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Android today is the fastest-growing mobile OS thanks to its multi channel and multi carrier OS. Every day more than 1 million new Android mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets are activated worldwide, which definitely proves beyond doubt the popularity of android devices among the customers.

The most favorite aspect of Android for customers and developers alike is the open and customizable nature of its operating system. This open and customizable nature makes it easy to be used on other electronics including smartbooks, netbooks, eBook readers, laptops, and smart TVs despite being designed primarily for Smartphones and tablets. Android mobile devices have led to the creation of billions of virtual offices, libraries, movie theaters, and shopping malls that move along with the customers.

Android devices are definitely smart but to stay ahead in a market characterized by intense competition and extreme volatility, android mobile devices need to be smarter. Today the customers’ digital lives are constantly changing as they live in a world where each day starts with new discoveries, innovations, and applications. In such a scenario, the objective of every Android development team when carrying out android application development is to constantly  grow and expand to develop devices and applications that fit into customers' ever-changing digital lives – all while keeping them connected to their business and social networks.

Enterprises looking for a perfect partner for mobile R&D services should opt for one who has a deep understanding of the dynamic environment of Android software development. There are many eminent application development service providers whose mobile technology expertise spans all major mobile devices, operating systems, and platforms. Not only that, they design, develop, implement, test and support both consumer and enterprise mobile applications for the following technologies:

Mobile Devices

·         iPad

·         iPhone

·         Motorola

·         LG

·         Samsung

·         Motorola

·         Microsoft

·         Nokia

·         BlackBerry

·         Sony Ericsson

Mobile Operating Systems and Platforms

·         Android

·         iOS J2ME

·         BREW

·         Windows Mobile

·         Palm

·         Symbian

·         BlackBerry

Their Android application development capabilities include:

·         Building a wide range of applications for VoIP, streaming, social networking, messaging, remote device management, etc

·         Ensuring a rich user experience, including effects &and gesture implementation

·         Modifying native applications like Dialer, Calendar, Clock, Photo & Camera, Phone, Idle, etc

·         Designing widget-based applications using Android´s widget framework

·         Developing social networking aggregators and plug-in frameworks

The best thing about Android application development process is that it constantly evolves to develop powerful, differentiated applications using the latest mobile technologies.

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In today’s advanced market scenario most businesses require embedded software development. There are multiple types of software programs that are very helpful for all business kinds. Hence, it is imperative to follow the latest IT world updates and make a note of what it can provide to multiple incomes and people. If you are one who keeps up to date about the latest IT developments then you will notice and assess what embedded software development has to offer to your business.

There are several benefits that you can witness by deploying this software. Embedded software solutions enable you to minimize expenses and it is not compulsory to employ a new staff for executing more tasks. It is especially essential for enterprises that operate on strict budgets as it enables them to develop and attain profits without having to invest much into new staff members.

Embedded software development is also crucial owing to the fact that, if you invest in it today it means in future your business will constantly develop. This indicates that the service types will keep on growing and attain greater popularity in the years to come. The only essential thing that one needs to ensure is upgrading the solution on a routine basis. Hence, it is essential to pay attention at the present moment.

Changes in embedded agile software development

Technological innovation is generating quick changes in the embedded agile software development landscape. Here sophisticated and advanced feature are in-built into increasingly small hardware and complex software patterns. Eminent service providers of product R&D services help their clients and end users to set up embedded applications that exist in the software layer and are dependent on hardware. It is also dependant on device software such as firmware and drivers.  These service providers have worked on a range of embedded software and agile lifecycle management solutions, from storage to networks to mobile solutions and have the following skills:-

Processors and Hardware Platforms

·         Motorola 56K
·         Texas Instruments DSP
·         ARM
·         IA32
·         MIPS
·         PowerPC
·         SH-4
·         StrongARM
·         xScale
·         Motorola 68010
·         Intel 80386
·         IXP-425
·         IDT
·         Columbia
·         AM64

Real-Time Operating Systems

·         Android
·         VxWorks
·         Embedded Linux
·         RTLinux
·         Windows CE
·         Symbian
·         eCos
·         Nucleus
·         ThreadX


·         Assembler
·         C/C++
·         VC++
·         C#/.NET
·         PHP
·         Perl
·         Java
·         Java EE
·         Ruby
·         HTML/PHP/SQL/XML

Today, IT has attained significance and popularity. It has become the very foundation for profitable business. IT has extensively overshadowed various tools of monitoring, control and production in terms of business processes and utility. In this regard, embedded software development is taken to be one of the latest developments in the IT landscape.

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